A story of love, grief and an eternal bond. Louise was a glamorous Parisian prima ballerina in her youth, her dance partner and love of her life Jean Pierre had passed away after 30 years together. With a hole in her heart, louise became frail with grief and lost her spark .... Until a mysterious letter appeared. She has until midnight to find her Jean Pierre in Paris for one last dance.

Director / Cinematographer / Editor - Christopher Alexander

Production - Zen Film Works

Ballerina - Brittany Cavaco

Ballerino - Sebastien Thill

Elderly Ballerina - Louise Schirmer

Hair and Makeup artist - Onorina Jomir

Wardrobe - Wins design and So Danca

Letters artwork - Studio French Blue

Grips / assistants - Ruslan Randzhabar and Jose Rodriguez

Until Midnight